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The author’s story is both inspiring and heartbreaking, and her voice is simultaneously impassioned and informed. Haynes is adept at using her personal experience to illustrate general truths about the flaws in the criminal justice system as well as specific avenues for reform.

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“Haynes’ candor, persistence, and drive are palpable and inspirational… She is an important voice of experience, having participated in the justice system as both a prisoner and an attorney.”

Keeda Haynes
Bending the Arc: My Journey from Prison to Politics

A searing exposé of the profound failures in our justice system, told by a woman who has journeyed from wrongfully accused prisoner to acclaimed public defender. 

Keeda Haynes was a Girl Scout and a church goer, but after college graduation, she was imprisoned for a crime she didn’t commit. Her boyfriend had asked her to sign for some packages—packages she did not know were filled with marijuana. As a young Black woman falsely accused, prosecuted, and ultimately imprisoned, Keeda suffered the abuses of our racist and sexist justice system. But rather than give into despair, she decided to fight for change. After her release, she attended law school at night, became a public defender, and ultimately staged a highly publicized campaign for Congress. At every turn of her unlikely story, she gives unique insights into the inequities built into our institutions. In the end, despite the injustice she endured, she emerges convinced that ours can become a true second chance culture.